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Trends in Custom Home Construction, by Tim Stonestreet of Six Star Construction

About Tim Stonestreet: The President and CEO of Six Star Construction in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tim Stonestreet built hundreds of custom homes in the area. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, his services as an unlimited general contractor remain in demand.

Some aspects of custom home construction will endure: People will always need roofs over their heads and walls to protect them from the elements. However, as the trend toward green building and energy conservation expands, we expect to see significant changes in the construction of new homes and in the types of renovations undertaken by current homeowners. Historically, custom home builders change their approaches slowly and for good reason. Nobody wants to add an expensive, trendy feature if it might go out of style or never catch on, leading to unhappy customers.

A notable exception, the green movement in construction endures and some of its principles remain. For instance, the LEED system for environmental ratings led to significant changes in the types of materials used by custom home builders. Products such as recycled drywall and flash concrete also gained general acceptance. Passive solar design, in which the sun heats water for the home, also gained traction among home builders and buyers. In addition, clients continue to inquire about the feasibility of photovoltaic (electricity-producing) solar panels, especially in regions that receive strong sunlight, including much of Nevada.

Water conservation, which in most areas received little attention until recently, should also gain in popularity. In desert states, such as Nevada and Arizona, cities implemented dramatic water conservation initiatives, a trend that will likely expand. Custom home builders now factor in water-saving landscapes designed to minimize the need for irrigation and some include rainwater collection systems in new homes. In order to learn more about the building trends at Six Star Construction or to discuss your construction needs, contact us at (702) 400-9792.


Why You Need a General Contractor

By: Tim Stonestreet

Owner-builders are a current trend in custom home building. Many systems and books exist that claim to help you reduce the cost of building a home by serving as your own contractor. While it is possible to be an owner-builder, there are several distinct advantages to hiring a custom homebuilder like Six Star Construction, Inc. to serve as a general contractor. 1. General contractors are experienced experts. They take care of all of the necessary permits, paperwork, and inspections that can often frustrate owner-builders. 2. General contractors have established relationships with professionals and sub-contractors for all aspects of building. 3. A general contractor can help by assessing the feasibility of the home you would like to build, establishing an initial budget, selecting regionally appropriate designs, and finding undeveloped property that will meet your specific needs and requirements. 4. General contractors often receive discounted prices on materials. Owner-builders, who only buy materials for a single job, will often pay significantly more than general contractors, who make bulk purchases for several projects at a time. 5. General contractors can help manage the building timeline and keep an eye on your budget, bringing your home in on time and on budget without cost overruns. 6. If your budget determines that you need to compromise on some of your choices, your general contractor can help you find acceptable and affordable alternatives. 7. General contractors are experts at sub-contractor management. 8. Building a custom home is a stressful process. A general contractor can help remove a great deal of the stress by managing the day-to-day operations of the project. 9. General contractors supervise the quality control of your home, ensuring that you get the high quality you are paying for. 10. A general contractor can make sure your home complies with local laws to avoid problems down the line.

Golf in Summerlin

By: Tim Stonestreet

As the owner of Las Vegas construction firm Six Star Construction, I’ve built numerous custom houses in the Summerlin master-planned community, which offers a park-like setting with European-style villages and several world-class golf courses. The community features the Jack Nicklaus Bear’s Best course, two Tournament Players Club golf courses, and five others. Voted Best Golf Course in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal and one of the Best Places to Play by Golf Digest, Bear’s Best Las Vegas uniquely groups together 18 of Jack Nicklaus’ favorite holes from a long and notable playing career. In designing the course, Nicklaus and his experienced design team pored over literally thousands of photos and plans of some of the most challenging holes he ever faced. These range from holes at former PGA Tour stop Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado to a hole at Old Works Golf Club in Anaconda, Montana, which Nicklaus himself designed in 1997. The first and last holes at Bear’s Best Las Vegas feature large water hazards and come from Nicklaus’ Private and Resort Courses at The Club at PGA West. The grounds conditions at Bear’s Best Las Vegas are reputed to be some of the finest in the greater Las Vegas area, and the courses include firm and fast bentgrass greens. Many of the holes feature a view of the nearby Red Rock Mountains, while two holes face directly toward the distant Las Vegas Strip. Due to the course’s initial success, another Bear’s Best course opened in Atlanta a year later featuring different holes. Nicklaus commented that the process of designing Bear’s Best Las Vegas, when all was said and done, took more time than simply designing a new course. I am of the opinion that the effort was well worth it. The outstanding attention to detail makes a Bear’s Best Las Vegas golf experience world class, which Nicklaus fans and Summerlin residents alike have come to expect.

Dream Home Design Guide, Part 2

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By: Tim Stonestreet

In this second installment of our dream home design guide, we offer more suggestions for luxuries to include in your fantasy-made-reality abode.

Electrical Outlet Placement

It never fails: the only electrical outlet on a wall is blocked by a bookshelf, entertainment center, couch, or other large object. When designing your home, carefully plot electrical outlets, then take time to consider where you should place furniture and appliances in each room so that each outlet is easily accessible.

Periphery Lighting

Periphery lighting, also known as indirect lighting, is typically used to provide atmosphere, as well as ensure that television and computer screens are free of distracting glare, since lights are positioned to the sides rather than in front of screens.

Window Seats

Installing a cushioned, bench-like seat in the wall near a window will make for a cozy spot to read, nap, or daydream.

Wide Driveways

Many driveways are not wide enough to accommodate more than one vehicle, which means extra cars and trucks must be parked on the street. Widening your driveway will allow you to fit at least two vehicles side by side, a perfect setup for your family’s common parking needs as well as large parties.

Large Shower Stalls

Why should your shower stall be narrower than your hall closet? This is your dream home, so think big. Give yourself plenty of room to stand, as well as shelves on walls to hold bathroom soaps and lotions.

Laundry Chute

Descending stairs while lugging baskets piled high with clothes and towels is dangerous. Have you considered a laundry chute? Open the hatch, drop in clothes, and find them waiting for you in the basement, ready to be washed.

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The Summerlin Community

Mr. Timothy Stonestreet, owner of contracting company Six Star Construction, Inc., is a featured builder for the Summerlin Community in Las Vegas, Nevada. With seven custom neighborhoods covering 22,500 acres, Summerlin contains almost a thousand homes in a spacious community with inspiring mountain views, more than 150 miles of trails to explore, and extensive park areas. All Summerlin streets are lined by trees on both sides, and interesting streetscapes and roundabouts give the entire neighborhood a quaint European feel. Since its inception more than two decades ago, Summerlin has become one of the most celebrated master-planned communities in the country, securing a number of awards for its superior design. The community is also home to a number of the nation’s top golf courses. The Las Vegas area is a diverse landscape, and Summerlin’s success is partially due to its backyard, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which provides endless entertainment for naturalists, climbers, hikers, cyclists, and other nature enthusiasts. Summerlin residents have easy access to the area and can often be found exploring various paths, seeking out new wildlife, and exercising against the breathtaking backdrop of towering cliff faces and rock formations. Children living in Summerlin have access to 12 public schools and 13 private schools, including Nevada’s premier preparatory schools. In addition, Summerlin boasts four higher education institutions, including the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

About Tim Stonestreet!

Six Star Construction Inc.

Six Star Construction Inc.

Tim Stonestreet is a 20-year veteran of the custom home construction industry and the President and CEO of Six Star Construction, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trained and certified as an unlimited general contractor, master planner, developer, and residential designer, Tim Stonestreet has been one of the foremost figures in residential real estate development in the Las Vegas area for more than two decades. Through his company, Tim Stonestreet has personally led the development of more than 600 homes in the Las Vegas area. In the last 17 years, Tim Stonestreet has also personally overseen the construction of 48 super custom homes, specially designed for a diverse array of celebrity clientele. As President and CEO of Six Star Construction, Tim Stonestreet works with his clients and crew to ensure that all aspects of the construction process go smoothly. Tim Stonestreet begins a custom build by sitting with his clients to create a detailed and comprehensive plan for the home. Next, Tim Stonestreet begins the construction process, working only with the most trustworthy and dependable team of builders to ensure utmost precision and expediency. No matter what amenities his clients request, Tim Stonestreet dedicates himself to delivering on his promises and even runs a separate business, Six Star Interiors, to help guarantee the home looks exactly the way his clients expected. Tim Stonestreet is interested in both home building and community building. As such, Tim Stonestreet frequently participates in charitable endeavors throughout Las Vegas. Currently, Tim Stonestreet supports several worthwhile organizations.

Six Star Construction Inc.

Six Star Construction Inc.