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Timothy Stonestreet is the President and CEO of Six Star Construction Inc.

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Trends in Custom Home Construction, by Tim Stonestreet of Six Star Construction

About Tim Stonestreet: The President and CEO of Six Star Construction in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tim Stonestreet built hundreds of custom homes in the area. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, his services as an unlimited general contractor remain in demand.

Some aspects of custom home construction will endure: People will always need roofs over their heads and walls to protect them from the elements. However, as the trend toward green building and energy conservation expands, we expect to see significant changes in the construction of new homes and in the types of renovations undertaken by current homeowners. Historically, custom home builders change their approaches slowly and for good reason. Nobody wants to add an expensive, trendy feature if it might go out of style or never catch on, leading to unhappy customers.

A notable exception, the green movement in construction endures and some of its principles remain. For instance, the LEED system for environmental ratings led to significant changes in the types of materials used by custom home builders. Products such as recycled drywall and flash concrete also gained general acceptance. Passive solar design, in which the sun heats water for the home, also gained traction among home builders and buyers. In addition, clients continue to inquire about the feasibility of photovoltaic (electricity-producing) solar panels, especially in regions that receive strong sunlight, including much of Nevada.

Water conservation, which in most areas received little attention until recently, should also gain in popularity. In desert states, such as Nevada and Arizona, cities implemented dramatic water conservation initiatives, a trend that will likely expand. Custom home builders now factor in water-saving landscapes designed to minimize the need for irrigation and some include rainwater collection systems in new homes. In order to learn more about the building trends at Six Star Construction or to discuss your construction needs, contact us at (702) 400-9792.