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Why You Need a General Contractor

By: Tim Stonestreet

Owner-builders are a current trend in custom home building. Many systems and books exist that claim to help you reduce the cost of building a home by serving as your own contractor. While it is possible to be an owner-builder, there are several distinct advantages to hiring a custom homebuilder like Six Star Construction, Inc. to serve as a general contractor. 1. General contractors are experienced experts. They take care of all of the necessary permits, paperwork, and inspections that can often frustrate owner-builders. 2. General contractors have established relationships with professionals and sub-contractors for all aspects of building. 3. A general contractor can help by assessing the feasibility of the home you would like to build, establishing an initial budget, selecting regionally appropriate designs, and finding undeveloped property that will meet your specific needs and requirements. 4. General contractors often receive discounted prices on materials. Owner-builders, who only buy materials for a single job, will often pay significantly more than general contractors, who make bulk purchases for several projects at a time. 5. General contractors can help manage the building timeline and keep an eye on your budget, bringing your home in on time and on budget without cost overruns. 6. If your budget determines that you need to compromise on some of your choices, your general contractor can help you find acceptable and affordable alternatives. 7. General contractors are experts at sub-contractor management. 8. Building a custom home is a stressful process. A general contractor can help remove a great deal of the stress by managing the day-to-day operations of the project. 9. General contractors supervise the quality control of your home, ensuring that you get the high quality you are paying for. 10. A general contractor can make sure your home complies with local laws to avoid problems down the line.