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Dream Home Design Guide, Part 2

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By: Tim Stonestreet

In this second installment of our dream home design guide, we offer more suggestions for luxuries to include in your fantasy-made-reality abode.

Electrical Outlet Placement

It never fails: the only electrical outlet on a wall is blocked by a bookshelf, entertainment center, couch, or other large object. When designing your home, carefully plot electrical outlets, then take time to consider where you should place furniture and appliances in each room so that each outlet is easily accessible.

Periphery Lighting

Periphery lighting, also known as indirect lighting, is typically used to provide atmosphere, as well as ensure that television and computer screens are free of distracting glare, since lights are positioned to the sides rather than in front of screens.

Window Seats

Installing a cushioned, bench-like seat in the wall near a window will make for a cozy spot to read, nap, or daydream.

Wide Driveways

Many driveways are not wide enough to accommodate more than one vehicle, which means extra cars and trucks must be parked on the street. Widening your driveway will allow you to fit at least two vehicles side by side, a perfect setup for your family’s common parking needs as well as large parties.

Large Shower Stalls

Why should your shower stall be narrower than your hall closet? This is your dream home, so think big. Give yourself plenty of room to stand, as well as shelves on walls to hold bathroom soaps and lotions.

Laundry Chute

Descending stairs while lugging baskets piled high with clothes and towels is dangerous. Have you considered a laundry chute? Open the hatch, drop in clothes, and find them waiting for you in the basement, ready to be washed.

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