Tim Stonestreet's Blog

Timothy Stonestreet is the President and CEO of Six Star Construction Inc.

About Tim Stonestreet

Tim Stonestreet founded Six Star Construction Inc. in the summer of 1988. As the CEO and President of the corporation, Mr. Stonestreet has presided over the construction of hundreds of homes in the Las Vegas area. In the course of his real estate development career, Tim Stonestreet has discovered a passion for creating custom homes. Recently, Mr. Stonestreet and Six Star Construction Inc. have expanded into the construction of super custom homes. Tim Stonestreet’s new offerings have garnered the attention of several Las Vegas celebrities, and he was voted Summerlin’s Feature Builder. Apart from building custom, high quality homes, Mr. Tim Stonestreet operates a real estate business. Tim Stonestreet is also involved with general contracting and residential design. His other firm, Six Star Interiors, compliments his construction activities by providing interior design services. Tim Stonestreet currently lives in the Las Vegas area.

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